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Jun 6

iOS Game Revenue Survey

Jun 6


It’s not easy to get success on the mobile platforms today. You have to do everything perfect for the first time, because you will hardly get a second chance. On the mobile markets, users get the first impression about your game int the moment when they see it’s logo in the new games category. You have to design the logo carefully, and the article I linked does a great job in explaining how one should do it.

Jun 3

I’ve ran into this video second time, so I decided to view it. I had fun watching it and. Every developer should consider the inner meaning.


An amazing video about adding effects to your game to easily multiply it’s quality and polish.  Every aspiring game dev should watch this!

I feel the need to stress how important this video is, WATCH IT NOW.

Jun 1


I get the best game ideas while I should study for an exam. Result: Cannot concentrate to studying, so it takes more time, what leads to:lack of time to think about the idea. Just great.

How to get your game on Steam

"These tips are obvious… Oh wait a minute…"

Some ideas about my future game on paper.

Some ideas about my future game on paper.

I’d always been of the belief that a designer’s job is not to come up with all the awesome ideas — that there’s no end of awesome ideas that can come from any source on the team.

A designer’s job can make sure that the right awesome ideas get into the game. Because we do a brainstorm for a new class, we get anywhere from 400 to 700 skill ideas. And there’s a whole bunch of them that are awesome, but they either aren’t right for the class, or they aren’t right for the game. That’s the designer’s job: to know the difference. It’s not an artist or producer’s job to know that. It’s the designer’s job to know that.

- Jay Wilson

(Source: gamasutra.com)

"I don’t believe in the big design bible."

Said Jay Wilson in a recent Gamasutra interview. Then he tells why and I think he has a point. 

Earlier I saw a GDC 2010 presentation about one page game design and I liked the idea. It  described the problems and consequences of several types of game design documents and then showed what worked for the presenter.

DHack - Diablo 3 prototype

As you might also notice, anyone who looks at these images instantly gets the idea. There is no need reading through hundreds of pages and the images really triggers the viewer’s imagination. 

Skill types

So I set my mind that I will apply these in a combined principle and use it in creating my own games:

  1. I’ll write down the pillars of the game. A couple of words that describe it.
  2. Then I’ll make a prototype using the pillars.
  3. The prototype reveals basic elements of the game.
  4. Deepening those elements.
  5. Rapidly create one page design documents about the designed elements.
  6. Writing the game and redesign parts, what turns out to be bad.

Seems good so far. Although I’m not sure if I really need design documents as a lone developer. I shall wait with those till I have a partner to work with.

You can find the One Page Designs presentation here: http://www.stonetronix.com/gdc-2010/